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Welcome to SME MASTER

SME Master Plus builds on the experience and results of the previous project Skilled-Mobile-European-MASTER (SME MASTER) which was focused on transnational mobility in the context of master craftsperson education for craft companies and small and medium-sized enterprises. Financed by the Leonardo da Vinci II (EU Project Number 2006-4244/001-001 LE2710ECV) it has been developed jointly by partners from four different countries " Austria, Germany, France and Norway 2 in the period of January to December 2007.

SME MASTER was targeted on the application of ECVET to the master craftsperson qualification in bakery. It recorded the entire range of knowledge, skills and competences that a trainee has acquired upon completion of his or her training as a master baker.

Main result of SME MASTER was the learning outcome matrix, which displays all learning outcomes acquired in the master craftsperson programme of the four partner countries. Thus the matrix covers entrepreneurial, economic, HR-related, pedagogical as well as technical learning outcomes.

Key elements of the learning outcome matrix are:  

  • units of learning outcomes,
  • learning outcomes and steps of learning outcomes,
  • ECVET credit points.

You can find the project results in the SME-MASTER-Manual (Manual + Matrix + Presentation):

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